Monday, 12 March 2012

What am I doing wrong???

So tonight I went for a "gentle" 3.6k run.  I say gentle as it was all very flat and straightforward.  For those of you who know the area I ran from the County Council car park, along the Merlins Bridge bypass and back again. (you can view my route here) I started off well with a good pace, got round the bend under the flyover bridge and got to the lay by which i guess is probably half way along the straight?  Anyway I get as far as the lay by and my calves just start cramping and my shins really hurt.  I had a little walk and a drink and carried on for a bit then they killed again so had to walk and this continued until the end of the stretch of road.  I stopped and stretched my legs out which seemed to help a little then turned around to come back.  I managed to run as far as the lay by again but then my legs started cramping and i had to walk/run until i got back to the car.
I have been running now for a while and my legs seem to be holding me back big time.  So folks what can i do to stop them hurting?
Im wondering if its time for new running shoes?  Or perhaps i need to build up my leg strength more.  Is there any other exercise I can do to compliment my running?
So runners out there, this is open to you.  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Running club

After doing Race for Life last year I was given a flyer for a beginners running club run by the Pembrokeshire Harriers.  Having always wanted to get better at running i decided to give it a go.  The first week proved i certainly was a beginner but that didnt matter because you can only get better cant you!  We met up at Sir Thomas Picton school in Haverfordwest and set off on our preplanned route.  I think i managed to get as far as the school gates before my legs said "Urgh no thanks, im not doing this"!  I continued going for a few months and gradually started to get better, then life got in the way.  You know how things have a funny habbit of happening all at the same time plus my lovely children kept giving me the kindest gift any child can give, their germs!!

Anyway, i finally talked myself into getting back to running club last week despite aching like mad from the run i had done on the Monday, i turned up ready to go and off we set.  It wasnt a great run by any stretch of the imagination as i was still suffering from aching legs but it was progress.

So last night we met up again.  I really wasnt feeling well and had actually spent most of the day in bed but I made the effort and dragged myself there.  In the car on the way I was feeling really down in the dumps and was wondering what on earth I had signed myself up for, was I ever going to actually be able to run half a mile, never mind a half marathon.
I met up with everyone and we set off on our preplanned route.  We have 2 sub groups in beginners, the group that are not quite beginners and me and Nadine :0)  We are the "back" part of the group, the best place to be in our opinion!  We set off at our every so steady pace and chatted along the way,had a little adventure of our own down a dark one way street and generally had a lovely time.  Before we knew it we were back at the school and had run (with only a very small amount of walking) 3.2 miles! (5k)
I drove home feeling fantastic and couldnt quite believe how after spending most of the day sleeping and feeling generally rotten I had dragged my backside out of bed and run 5k!  Its given me the lift i need and the confidence to know that every little improvement is a step in the right direction for my half marathon challenge!

Distance run this week : 7.32K
Money raised : £149.50 (need to work on this me thinks!!)

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Monday, 5 March 2012

A Monday morning rant

So this morning  I decided to have a run around the cricket club part of the racecourse in Haverfordwest.  The sun was shinning and the sky beautiful and blue.  I arrived about 9:30am and set off on the path which is just over a mile long.  The place was swarming with dog walkers as i guess most parks are that time of the morning.  The majority of these walkers were friendly and respectful of their surroundings and other people.  I wasnt chased by any dogs (always a bonus!) and had a few "morning" or "nice day" greetings.
So what is there to rant about I hear you ask?  Well the place STUNK!!!  Urgh it was awful.  There are a few dog poo bins around the park which people use and then leave open, or people decided that having walked to the dog bin it is too much effort to lift the lid of the bin and put the poo in.  Then there are the people who think its acceptable to let their dog poo wherever it likes without cleaning up after it.
I spent the whole run either avoiding poo, checking my trainers too see if i had stepped in it or trying not to heave when I passed a poo bin.
Now I know the majority of dog owners that use that piece of land are responsible and wouldnt dream of not cleaning up after their dog and I am a total dog lover myself so isnt it a shame that the minority spoil it for the majority of park users?
Some views of my run location this morning

But hey, its not all bad!  I feel great after my run and its another step towards my half marathon target.

Distance run this week: 2.17K
Total raised: £149.50

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to it!!

So the training has been a little lapse and i have been watching the months tick by.  I started off with over a year to prepare and now we are down to just over 7 months EEEEKKKKK  Panic is starting to set in so I have finally dragged my ass off the sofa and got back out on the roads!
The past months have not all been sitting about doing nothing though (although im sure Rich will try and tell you different) I spent almost the entire month of December ill, with 6 tummy bugs and a horrible bout of cold that left me with a cough for 6 weeks.  I was tired, exhausted and really run down so took some time to rest and make sure I was back to peak before I started training again.
I am about 3 weeks into the new training schedule and im still enjoying it so far.  I love running along the country roads here in Pembrokeshire, the views are fantastic and there is almost always a friend farmers dog willing to help up your pace as it yaps whilst running behind you trying to nip your ankles!!
Im finding my pace is still quite slow but as with the hare and the tortoise i must remember that speed isnt everything and as long as I make it to the end then that is the main thing.

Last night i went back to run club, i enjoy running with others even though im usually the one at the back :)
I managed to talk my brother into coming last night as he too is running the half marathon with me so I will have someone to bounce training tips off.  When i was dropping him home last night he said to me that he knew I would complete this latest challenge because I was so determined and he is right, I WILL do this and I WILL raise £1000 to say thank you to the wonderful people who gave Rich such fantastic care.

Hopefully these updates will become more frequent as my miles increase.  Please feel free to send me tips and words of encouragement as I continue on my journey.  Better still, if you would like to sponsor me, please pop along to

Fundraising total to date: £149.50
Total distance covered this week: 11.5K