Monday, 5 March 2012

A Monday morning rant

So this morning  I decided to have a run around the cricket club part of the racecourse in Haverfordwest.  The sun was shinning and the sky beautiful and blue.  I arrived about 9:30am and set off on the path which is just over a mile long.  The place was swarming with dog walkers as i guess most parks are that time of the morning.  The majority of these walkers were friendly and respectful of their surroundings and other people.  I wasnt chased by any dogs (always a bonus!) and had a few "morning" or "nice day" greetings.
So what is there to rant about I hear you ask?  Well the place STUNK!!!  Urgh it was awful.  There are a few dog poo bins around the park which people use and then leave open, or people decided that having walked to the dog bin it is too much effort to lift the lid of the bin and put the poo in.  Then there are the people who think its acceptable to let their dog poo wherever it likes without cleaning up after it.
I spent the whole run either avoiding poo, checking my trainers too see if i had stepped in it or trying not to heave when I passed a poo bin.
Now I know the majority of dog owners that use that piece of land are responsible and wouldnt dream of not cleaning up after their dog and I am a total dog lover myself so isnt it a shame that the minority spoil it for the majority of park users?
Some views of my run location this morning

But hey, its not all bad!  I feel great after my run and its another step towards my half marathon target.

Distance run this week: 2.17K
Total raised: £149.50

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  1. I agree! I'm a dog owner and I always pick up after my dog.

    We have recently found a lovely walk which starts near Canaston Woods, where the new bypass has recently been built. The powers that be have provided a lovely new path and a tunnel under the busy road. The path leads into the woods and is securely fenced off so no fear of dogs wandering onto the road. What is wrong with this I hear you ask?! Well the gravel path is like one great big litter tray. Absolutely disgusting! Just because the path isn't visible from the road, people think they can leave the mess behind.

    Oops, I went off on one there didn't I? lol!