Thursday, 8 March 2012

Running club

After doing Race for Life last year I was given a flyer for a beginners running club run by the Pembrokeshire Harriers.  Having always wanted to get better at running i decided to give it a go.  The first week proved i certainly was a beginner but that didnt matter because you can only get better cant you!  We met up at Sir Thomas Picton school in Haverfordwest and set off on our preplanned route.  I think i managed to get as far as the school gates before my legs said "Urgh no thanks, im not doing this"!  I continued going for a few months and gradually started to get better, then life got in the way.  You know how things have a funny habbit of happening all at the same time plus my lovely children kept giving me the kindest gift any child can give, their germs!!

Anyway, i finally talked myself into getting back to running club last week despite aching like mad from the run i had done on the Monday, i turned up ready to go and off we set.  It wasnt a great run by any stretch of the imagination as i was still suffering from aching legs but it was progress.

So last night we met up again.  I really wasnt feeling well and had actually spent most of the day in bed but I made the effort and dragged myself there.  In the car on the way I was feeling really down in the dumps and was wondering what on earth I had signed myself up for, was I ever going to actually be able to run half a mile, never mind a half marathon.
I met up with everyone and we set off on our preplanned route.  We have 2 sub groups in beginners, the group that are not quite beginners and me and Nadine :0)  We are the "back" part of the group, the best place to be in our opinion!  We set off at our every so steady pace and chatted along the way,had a little adventure of our own down a dark one way street and generally had a lovely time.  Before we knew it we were back at the school and had run (with only a very small amount of walking) 3.2 miles! (5k)
I drove home feeling fantastic and couldnt quite believe how after spending most of the day sleeping and feeling generally rotten I had dragged my backside out of bed and run 5k!  Its given me the lift i need and the confidence to know that every little improvement is a step in the right direction for my half marathon challenge!

Distance run this week : 7.32K
Money raised : £149.50 (need to work on this me thinks!!)

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