Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to it!!

So the training has been a little lapse and i have been watching the months tick by.  I started off with over a year to prepare and now we are down to just over 7 months EEEEKKKKK  Panic is starting to set in so I have finally dragged my ass off the sofa and got back out on the roads!
The past months have not all been sitting about doing nothing though (although im sure Rich will try and tell you different) I spent almost the entire month of December ill, with 6 tummy bugs and a horrible bout of cold that left me with a cough for 6 weeks.  I was tired, exhausted and really run down so took some time to rest and make sure I was back to peak before I started training again.
I am about 3 weeks into the new training schedule and im still enjoying it so far.  I love running along the country roads here in Pembrokeshire, the views are fantastic and there is almost always a friend farmers dog willing to help up your pace as it yaps whilst running behind you trying to nip your ankles!!
Im finding my pace is still quite slow but as with the hare and the tortoise i must remember that speed isnt everything and as long as I make it to the end then that is the main thing.

Last night i went back to run club, i enjoy running with others even though im usually the one at the back :)
I managed to talk my brother into coming last night as he too is running the half marathon with me so I will have someone to bounce training tips off.  When i was dropping him home last night he said to me that he knew I would complete this latest challenge because I was so determined and he is right, I WILL do this and I WILL raise £1000 to say thank you to the wonderful people who gave Rich such fantastic care.

Hopefully these updates will become more frequent as my miles increase.  Please feel free to send me tips and words of encouragement as I continue on my journey.  Better still, if you would like to sponsor me, please pop along to

Fundraising total to date: £149.50
Total distance covered this week: 11.5K

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